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The Amazing Cranberry Twins!


The Cranberries are a circus family that travels the world. Mumma Cranberry. Daddeo Cranberry. And brother and sister twins, Perry and Kerry Cranberry.


Perry and Kerry are so terrific! They're smart, loving, creative, funny and just plain charming.  They also have bright red, cranberry-colored hair. 

Did I mention the twins are super talented? Oh yes! Perry plays drums and clarinet. He is a comedian, a practical joker, and he does magic tricks. Kerry sings and dances. She is a storyteller and she very much wants to be an actress. 

The Cranberry twins also have amazing circus skills!

They do gymnastics. And juggle. And hula hoop. And trampoline. They do bike tricks. They balance on ropes and high wires. They even do trapeze stunts.

When the Cranberry family travels with the circus, Perry and Kerry love to visit their uncles, aunts and cousins. They explore fascinating new places. They make interesting new friends. And they share their wonderful skills.

Traveling with the Cranberries means mysteries and adventures. It means meeting people who are different.  And it means learning that life can sometimes be scary. And sometimes it can be challenging! But mostly, life can be amazing!

Come on along with Perry and Kerry! Share in the amazing adventures of the Cranberry Twins!

* * *

Coming to the "Very Cranberry" book series:


The Haunting of the Hillbilly Hippies

The Courageous Cowgirls of Crooked Creek

Who Drank All the Tea in Chinatown?

The Curse of the Cross-Eyed Voodoo Doll

The Case of the Lost House and Home

The Mysterious Monks of Ommmmm


...and other stories featuring the fun, exciting, mysterious, cultural myth-busting adventures of the amazing Cranberry Twins.

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