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Photojournalism boasts the capacity of photos to capture real life moments with truth and authority. At its roots, photographs bear witness to people, places and events. At its core, photojournalism mirrors stories

borrowed from all our lives.

Sport devotees range from casual fans and recreational warriors through dedicated amateur and professional athletes. Sport draws from body, mind and spirit. Competition is one measure of that demand. Performance metrics are another. Emotions play across the full arena.

Life on the street or life on the land?  Sometimes they are much the same. Both can call up conditions that test the many qualities that define the human condition. Work. Play. Love.

Beauty. Struggle. Grit. Grandeur.

Sacrifice. Survival. Triumph.




Formal, casual, candid or posed. Bold, intimate, striking or sublime. Portraits sometimes offer special glimpses into spotlit lives. Survey celebrity images from a  diverse landscape of entertainers, athletes, and newsmakers.  You might just recognize some of the faces.

Snowblown peaks towering over turbulent rivers. Vast deserts and prairies. Ritual

behavior of creatures both tiny and huge. Geography. Skylines. Weather. The beauty

and wonder of nature. It can

inspire, intimidate and intoxicate.

Drama under the bright lights of centerstage. Creativity and craftsmanship revealed in the studio. Backstage scenes pulsing with music and dance rhythms. Share in the enchanting mysteries of the fine arts and witness the

world of artistic performance.

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